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At Eden Brew House, we’re passionate about making excellent beer, but we’re even more passionate about fostering a friendly environment where people can interact. Whether you’re an experienced craft beer connoisseur or a newbie, our helpful and friendly staff is always available to assist you to locate your ideal pint.


Our Story

We take pride in our selection skills of getting the best beer from the best of breweries, which enables us to experiment with one-of-a-kind and seasonally appropriate flavours. We have a beer to suit every taste, from creamy stouts to hopped IPAs.

Eden Brew House is stylish and energising, providing an amazing setting with desired seating and cosy gazebos at any time of the day, from lunch to dinner, including tea time, drinks, casual snacks, and simple sips. The restaurant is a timeless classic with a view, serving an abundance of freshly interpreted authentic Indian, Chinese, and Italian cuisine to go with delectable apéritif and digéstif at the famous lounge bar. The people, the amenities, and the service have all been carefully chosen with a passion for hospitality to reflect the undeniable liveliness of the capital’s diverse landscape.

Eden Park Restaurant

Yet Eden Brew House is more than simply a brewery; we’re also engaged citizens who sponsor events and work with neighbourhood groups to give back to the community that has supported us from the start. We work hard to create a welcoming atmosphere in our taproom because we think beer is best enjoyed with friends.

It is intended to not only serve the function but also to create the ideal atmosphere and is furnished with impressive infrastructure and an abundance of natural light. Every occasion becomes a celebration Luxe by Eden Brew House, including birthdays, reunions, proposals, kitty parties, meetings, team outings, family dinners, etc. The Jelly Garden is filled with recreation and good sportsmanship as live tournaments are shown. The restaurant has three distinctive pavilions to accommodate private groups of 15, 20, and 30 people (can go upto 100 people), respectively. It is designed to seat 400 customers in sections of 4 and 8 counters(we have a table for 2, 6, 10, and 12 as well). The entry has a valet parking service.

Let’s raise a glass to great beer and even better people, so come on in and grab a pint. Cheers!


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